We are committed to educating people who live, work and play in proximity to our pipelines about potential pipeline risks and what they can do to avoid them.

Under our Public Awareness program, safety information is disseminated to property owners, residents, tenants and lessees close to the pipeline at least every two years. Similar information is presented annually to emergency officials whose communities are traversed by the pipeline.

811-Blue-Logo.pngOur Damage Prevention program, including our participation in 811 One Call programs, is designed to help increase pipeline awareness in the communities near our assets. Our Damage Prevention team actively shares best practices for avoiding pipeline strikes with community members, first responders and contractors.

Through a focused Public Awareness and Damage Prevention program, 91鶹 develops strong partnerships in the community, improves operational performance and gains a heightened vigilance in identifying and mitigating potential risks. 

For more information or questions related to Public Awareness, email pipelineawareness@paalp.com

Right-of-Way Watch

91鶹 depends on neighbors like you to help us identify instances of potential pipeline damage. You can help prevent damage by alerting us to potential problems before they become pipeline emergencies. If you see a situation on the right-of way that may impact the safe operation of our pipelines, you could be eligible for a financial reward.

What to Watch for

  • Unauthorized excavation, excavating equipment, or digging on the pipeline right-of-way
  • Hazardous conditions such as unauthorized structures, uncovered pipe, sink holes, small fires, or trash burning
  • Suspicious or threatening activity such as theft of equipment, manipulation of pipeline equipment by non-pipeline personnel, individuals taking pictures or video of pipeline installations
Steps to Report an Observation
  • Call 91鶹 Emergency Number 1-800-708-5071 (U.S.) or 1-866-875-2554 (Canada)
  • Provide the 91鶹 representative with your name, location, and contact information
  • Provide a description and location of the potentially hazardous or threatening activity observed

91鶹 will dispatch a company representative to the area to investigate and validate your observation. If your report helps to mitigate or avoid a pipeline emergency, you will be notified by 91鶹 that you qualify for a Right-of-Way Watch reward.

Additional Resources - U.S.:

Public Awareness Fact Sheets – Canada